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Up your Odds With Specialties

Job Treadle 16 Jan, 2017

Job seekers who exhibit proficiency in specialties, and whose job skills fall within tight niches have better hiring odds than job seekers who can be categorized as generalists. Employers frequently have need of experts who can hit the ground running when it comes to operating certain equipment, running certain software or working within a global market. If your background is too general, you aren’t seen as a premium candidate for a job like that.

Here are some examples of ways you can up your hiring odds by becoming a specialist without too much of a learning curve.

You're a Website Designer

Don't just call yourself a web designer. How about being a Word Press specialist? If you learn all the aspects of Word Press plugins and design, you’ll be much more valuable to an employer, as you can specifically tackle their Word Press issues. Word Press courses are available online, and since you already have a good base of knowledge about web site design, it won’t be long before you’re ready.

You're a Lorry Driver

It takes some skill to drive a lorry, but you can improve your odds by becoming a logistics specialist. Increase your knowledge of mileage efficiency, making maximum use of space and storage, and understanding the restrictions surrounding customs and importing of goods. Employers will see your value as a driver manager rather than just another driver.

You're an IT Person

Information technology is a popular career choice. As such, your competition for jobs is fierce. Why not specialize in one certain aspect of information technology such as security, network communication or cloud applications? Your deep and detailed knowledge will be very welcome at a large corporation with deep pockets.

You're a Plumber

Plumbers usually get good pay, but it can be challenging to get that first job. Take the road to specialization and make yourself a commercial plumber, an industrial plumber or a residential plumber. Commercial plumbers are in high demand for office buildings. Industrial plumbers can get high paying work at government installations such as water departments. Residential plumbers who want to own their own plumbing company can gain a reputation for making fast house calls and emergency repairs in households in their area.

Remember to add these specialist titles to your resume, so they stand out. Don’t be shy about calling yourself a specialist, so long as you’ve taken the time to really learn the material and achieved any relevant certifications.